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          Changzhou Huayang Technology Co., Ltd.

          Focus on pharmaceutical intermediates for 30 years

          Polyurethane catalyst series, dyes, medicines, pesticide intermediates

          ABOUT US

          Huayang Technology

          This company was established in the Sprig of 1992. It was located in the western of Changzhou, which is very good spotand has convenient transportation.This company focuses on producing a series of Polyurethane catalyst dyestuff intermediate and medicine intermediate,whose products have been sold out in almost twenty provinces cities and municipalities all over China and exported to the foreign countries. This company is a larger cadre corporate with the appointed products.

          Now, it has about 50 employees and the square space is about thirty thousand square meters, among which almost three thousand two hundred is construction square space. In addition, its fixed assets are RMB20, 000,000 and the total yearly turnover is about RMB50, 000,000.

          In the past few years, this company has been given the important enterprise of mphasis on contract and abidance by credit At the same time, its products have been labeled of rovincial excellent goods.

          All employees in this company are welcoming to your visit with high zest and with good quality!

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